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The Thought of the ULA

The ULA was conceived and activated in West Palm Beach, Florida.  The initial concept of the ULA began in the mind of high school teacher Jeffrey Drummer in 2003 in response to the repressive state of the black community in West Palm Beach and throughout the United States.  Believing that we can do better and desiring to make a more significant impact, Mr. Drummer vowed to establish solutions that would restore the community’s prosperity by overturning the negative effects of slavery, Jim Crow, broken homes and the intellectual apathy movement.  The progression of the organization advanced further after Mr. Drummer began to collaborate with a Texas businessman named Timothy Reynolds.  These collaborative discussions led to the decision to launch the organization in Houston, Texas.

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The Organizations Establishment

Officially founded in West Palm Beach, Florida in 2004, the organization spearheaded a pilot campaign at two local high schools to improve school morale, student behavior, campus attendance, academic performance and accountability.  The success of the program turned the campus upside down and astounded the students, the parents and the administration.  The program’s immediate success and the community’s response revealed that the ULA must provide its services to disenfranchised people throughout the world.

In 2007 the ULA relocated to Houston, Texas and has become a leading source in education, leadership and community development, mentorship, and health and athletics.  Leadership development, health and wellness business and community development,  

From 2008 to present, the ULA became a vendor in several school districts and has played an instrumental role in equipping students with the tools they need to become more productive.  The ULA envisions preparing the next generation and their parents for competition in the 21st Century’s global market, through education, self-reliance and other capacity building activities. 

In 2014, the ULA concentrates on launching social movements that set the tone for communities by being actively involved in society and by enabling people to help themselves.  Also, the ULA promptly responds to information requests, issues periodic community status reports, initiates speaking forums and participates in legal action where necessary.