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The 7 Pillars of the ULA:

Setting the Cultural Tone for Communities

Welcome to the ULA’s foundational principles of community development. This course is different from any that you may have taken in junior high, high school or college.  In those courses you primarily learned general information coupled with a minimum level of application proficiency.  In other words, many students receive grades, certificates, diplomas, and degrees that signify they have achieved adequate academic proficiency, however most of them are not capable of applying the information in practical ways.  In this course, you will learn that Any Body Can develop a plan for self-empowerment.  In fact, we guarantee that (100%) of the Matrix Workshop participants will become more self-sufficient and will attain proficiency in all Matrix Project subject matter.  These successful individuals will be effectively inspired and equipped for independence.
Systematic dependency, due to structural design or cultural ignorance, cannot exist in the presence of high proficiency.  The two oppose one another and cannot co-exist. 
Furthermore, if you attain high proficiency in any area, that says that you can perform the skill independently and that you strive for self-reliance.  People who attain this high level of proficiency are equipped for self-sufficiency and need not depend on any other person, group, or thing for that skill set.  Hence, a potential leader is born.  Leaders who become proficient understand that it is wise to utilize their skill for their maximum personal gain.  For example, they had rather become business owners as opposed to employees, because they know that owners receive 70-90% of employees’ labor earnings while only 10-30% go to employees.
Effective leaders are the driving forces behind every progressive movement.  Leadership development is the main objective of this course and the central part to constructing forceful communities.
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Message of the President

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ULA 7 Pillars
Forceful communities involve seven key domains. The seven areas of focus are:

Major learning concepts and the positive outcomes associated with developing self-supporting communities will be emphasized in this section of the Matrix Project. In addition, the importance of individuals’ daily choices and the consequences of the choices will also be discussed.

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1. Health and Wellness
5. Enduring Legacy
2. Effective Education Systems
4. Accountability
6. Economic Development
7. Community Protection
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Pillar 1

Health and Wellness

Central Truth:  Good health is an essential part of living an enjoyable life.  Good health must be attained and maintained in order to maximize your personal aptitude.  Being healthy allows you to perform at supreme levels.  Being unhealthy in any area of health could lead to a person’s underachievement or demise.

There are five components of health that involve every aspect of human life. This is the primary step to developing successful people. All institutions and interactions should designate health and wellness advancement as its top priority.

 5 Health Components:  (SEMPS)  Spiritual, Emotional, Mental, Physical, and Social Health

Pillar 2

Effective Education

Central Truth:  The sole purpose of an effective education process is to increase the knowledge base and progress the lifestyle of those involved in order that they may prosper and function independently.

Pillar 3

Developing a Prosperous Communities

Central Truth:  A community is only as prosperous as:  The health of its residents, the amount of money it receives, withholds, and recycles, the amount of employment services it offers, and the strength of its influence.

Pillar 4

Accountability For All

Central Truth:  For a community to become prosperous, the residents must be responsible for that change.  Neither systematic dependency nor social services will solve their problems. All men, women and children are obligated to manifest this accountability.  Everyone has a major responsibility to fulfill.  Without their participation, a huge void is created. Many of the low functioning communities suffer from inadequate adult leadership, single parent households, teen pregnancies, ill nurtured children, and displaced aspirations.  If most of the destructive behaviors are learned, then they must be unlearned for change to occur.

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Pillar 5

Enduring Legacy

Central Truth:  Every person born will leave behind some type of legacy that is good, bad, or indifferent.  It is everyone’s obligation to help pass their cultural practices to the next generation for social progression.  A legacy is the most memorable impression left behind that proves you were there and remembered as the most impactful thing that you lived or died for.  Legacies can follow the conclusion of one’s life, career, an event or be the continuance of their bloodline.  Historical legacies illustrate how you spent your time on earth and will relatively determine the cultural deposit that you valued most.  Your behavior or contribution will be evaluated and judged by the subjectivity of others and their interpretation will ultimately determine the impact of your legacy.  You must take a scientific approach to accurately understand the matrix of the enduring legacy concept.

Pillar 6

Economic Development

Central Truth:  Money is the most recognized item valued around the world. It is the most essential thing that can gain anyone’s attention. Money and economics are the same. One of the most important keys to sustaining a community is its Economic Development Plan. This plan is the blueprint to build and maintain wealth.  A community is only as prosperous as the health of its residents, the amount of money it receives, withholds, and recycles, the amount of business and employment services it offers, and the strength of its influence.  The success of an economic plan is based on the vision, expectation, commitment, and ability to execute and sustain its functionality.  A high level of buy-in by at least 80% of all partners is mandatory.  Personal Socio Economics includes two basic economic plans: Personal and Collaborative.  Both economic plans are vital for adequate community functioning, however collaborative efforts are most impactful. Thriving communities have collaborative networks and systems that are in alignment. The systems work because they are efficiently interconnected with societal needs and progression. Properly functioning systems require sufficient revenue. Money is a universal stabilizer that empowers people, places, and systems worldwide. Money is most often the game changer that sets the terms.  No matter who you are or what you legally do, money will usually get you what you need.

Pillar 7

Community Defense

Central Truth:  Survival and Prosperity are the main goals of every community. The security and stability of your community can only be assured by the integrity and consistency of your institutions to produce citizens who financially support it, and who exhibit healthy cultural practices. Those citizens must be committed to their community’s upkeep! All well-meaning citizens must participate in the collaborative effort to maintain the standardized quality of services they established.  The ever-present force opposing the established high standard of life will persist throughout the community’s existence. Just like good versus evil, or hot versus cold, the side with the most force will dominate. The Community Defense Team will consist of those who have taken a sense of ownership through residing, investing, employment, homeownership, or community brotherhood.  The Community Defense Team (CDT) must be willing to exhaust themselves until the very end to maintain possession and control of their community. The CDT can never allow the opposing culture to overtake the preferred standard of living.