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1. Matrix Empowerment Workshop

III. Matrix Club

V. Parental Involvement Program

II. Sankofa Mentoring Program

IV. Recess Program

VI. Personal Fitness Program

VII. Summer Business, Leadership & Health Development Day Camp

The United Leadership Alliance (ULA)

The United Leadership Alliance (ULA) is a non-profit human relations organization dedicated to empowering citizens and communities throughout Fort Bend County and the United States to become socially responsible and economically self-sufficient through practical interactive partnerships. The ULA has evolved into a leader in the development of materials, programs and services that strengthen individuals and communities. In addition, the ULA also builds bridges of communication, understanding and respect among diverse racial, religious, and cultural groups. The ULA is supported by individuals, foundation, grantors, and corporations interested in advancing our cause. 


Our purpose and programs are designed to develop citizens who value themselves, are charitable, honor high moral codes and strive to maximize their human potential.  We also pledge to develop and support institutions that effectively prepare citizens for lifelong independence, wellness and proficiency in community management, community development, and other leadership roles that assure good fortune for themselves and others.


The mission of the United Leadership Alliance is to empower people to help themselves acquire and maintain good health and financial prosperity. Also to establish self-reliant communities whose citizens value themselves and others, are charitable, honor high moral codes and are driven to reach their human potential for the purposes of community leadership, ownership, and civic management.



The ULA will cause positive social change world-wide by inspiring large groups of people to maximize their potential and set the tone for their community, through structured and repetitive scientific systems that would overturn the effects of broken families, racism, repression, oppression, poverty, incarceration and all other negative forms of societal interference


The ULA is committed to enhancing the personal worth and security of minority citizens in the United States through improved ethnic pride, neighborhood unity, holistic health development, effective education, community ownership and community accountability and value and acceptance for all citizens, alike. 


Seven Pillars of the ULA:

The ULA’s 100% Guarantee

100% of our Matrix participants who are reasonably functional will progress toward becoming a holistically healthy individual who prospers.  We will be instrumental in establishing healthy relationships between students, parents and staff!  Excellence is our only option! 

The ULA’s Cultural Growth & Performance Timeline

  • First Day:  We will seize your attention.

    Each student will be focused and will enjoy recess.

  • Week 1: We will grasp your interest.

    Each student will always anticipate returning.

  • Week 2: We will earn your respect!

    he students will strive to comply with campus rules.

  • Month 1: You will understand the recess process.

    All participants will become friendlier.

  • Week 6: First Behavioral Growth Stage

    Participants will become more respectful of others!

  • Month 2:   Breakthrough

    Participants grades and empathic communication skills will improve!

  • Month 3:   Break Records

    Participants will internalize and celebrate their personal growth.

  • Month 4:   Cultural Change

    Participants will often illustrate tangible social reform; citizenship.

  • Month 5:   Extra-curricular School Involvement

    Participants will increase school involvement.

  • Month 6:   School Pride & Community Ownership

    Students will take care of their peers/school.

  • Month 7:   Stress Time

    Participants will embrace the need to work harder and smarter!

  • Month 8: Time To Shine

    Participants will be confident in their ability to excel!

  • Month 9:   Expand Their Capacities 

    Participants lead out in helping others improve as well!

  • Month 10:  Rename Them

    Participants have transformed into a new person!

The ULA’s 100% Infallible Strategic Plan [The Work]

  • Phase 1: Always Healthy:

    Participants will only make healthy deposits into the lives of others!

  • Phase 2: Shock & Awe:

    Our amazing activities arrest student behavior and avoid unruliness.

  • Phase 3: Climate Control:

    Participants are always respected and are likeable!

  • Phase 4: Treasured:

    We will often utilize your values to maximize motivation!

  • Phase 5: Scientific Impact:

    We will utilize the Scientific Principles of Training to expand!

  • Phase 6: Excellence:

    We will maintain high expectations by doing our best to be the best!

  • Phase 7: Global Competition:

    Participants will understand societal expectations and norms!

The ULA: Cultivating A Prosperous School Culture