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Matrix Leadership Project Workshop

The Matrix Leadership Project Workshop is the most important element of the ULA’s activities and services.  This frontline initiative is considered the heart of our movement.  The workshops consist of 40 hours of interactive training for children, youth and adults ages 5 and above.  These trainings are structured to bring awareness, increase unity and provide direction for daily productivity and lifelong security.   

The objective of the Matrix Leadership Project Workshop is to cause each participant to examine their personal and community practices, to identify how they fit in the world around them and to cause them to consider ways to affect social change in the world around them.  

In the workshop, participants will be introduced to the ULA’s Matrix Theory, they will complete the interactive Matrix curriculum and they will develop an action plan for their future goals.  The Matrix Leadership Project was created to assure equality and fairness to all citizens in a diverse and ever changing global market.  

For more information on this campaign or the ULA, please contact our partners at ulamovement2@gmail.com or at (832) 283-3087.