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Matrix Health & Fitness Movement Activities

The African American community values sports and athletics and so does the ULA.  The ULA’s Matrix Health and Fitness Movement is a cutting edge fitness and amateur athletics campaign that is centered around modeling organizational structure, promoting integrity, teaching the physiological and psychological concepts of sports and activities, expanding functional health and encouraging respect for movement activities.   

The ULA values good health and identifies it as the primary factor that sustains prosperous communities.  The six health areas that we focus on are spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, social and socio-economic.  We commit to making a positive impartation in the lives of each participant through healthy social interactions, exceptional customer service and first-class business standardization.    

Athletics have played an instrumental role in empowering, exposing and expanding the capacities of many.  Research even suggests that athletics have saved the lives of many youths from crime and despair.

Youth & Adult Activities:
Adult & Family

For more information on this campaign or the ULA, please contact our partners at ulamovement2@gmail.com or at (832) 273-0355.