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Matrix Community Prosperity Campaign

The ULA’s Matrix Community Prosperity Campaign is one of the most crucial components of our movement.  It addresses our unification, financial outlook, discipline and monetary disposition in the society in which we live.  This campaign will also give attention to the state of our community resources, economic leverage and our systematic dependency.  Money is the world’s common element for lifelong security and stability.  

The ULA believes that a community is only as prosperous as the unity and health of its residents, its financial leverage, the strength of its employment services in the global market and the strength of its influence in its surrounding area.  Together, we will launch and lead a prosperity movement in our community that will emphasize holistic principles that will elevate our good fortune.

Areas of Concentration:

For more information on this campaign or the ULA, please contact our partners at ulamovement2@gmail.com or at (832) 273-0355.