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The Matrix Project Empowerment Initiative

In 2004, the United Leadership Alliance (ULA) initiated The Matrix Project campaign to combat despair, promote self-supporting ideals and to strengthen communities. The program’s primary objective is to help people fully understand the culture and environment that influence their standard of living. We believe that the more enlightened people are, the better decisions they will make and the better they’ll perform. Understanding is the key element that significantly accelerates productivity and learning. A matrix is an instrument that quickens understanding. A matrix answers important questions like What is it, Do I need it, How does it affect me, and What do I gain from it?   

The Matrix campaign’s designed to be used internationally, with empowerment education programs utilized by schools, universities, corporations, communities and government agencies throughout the world. The Matrix Project was created to assure equality and fairness to all persons striving for excellence and self-sufficiency. Furthermore, it is believed that those who are more knowledgeable, regarding pertinent things usually accomplish more than those who are not as knowledgeable. 

The Matrix Project was created to enhance educational systems and institutions to assure that all citizens are effectively educated, and inspired to pursue self-empowerment and community prosperity. Our purpose is also. Poor education fosters defiance, disregard and resentment, therefore underachievement is inevitable. History confirms that low performing groups rarely alter their status, and that they usually repeat the same cycle generation after generation. Statistics show that low performing groups consistently achieve low academic proficiency, have a higher percentage of discipline problems, score low on competency tests, and are disproportionately placed in special education programs.  

The Matrix Project is geared to connect with all citizens to propel them to their highest potential and to leave none behind. We believe that the Matrix Project is the only program equipped to inspire all children and adults to reach their personal best, and the only initiative to revolutionize modern learning processes. As a result, students and citizens of all ages will now aggressively pursue knowledge, recognize its power and learn the proper ways of applying it.