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Matrix Accountability Campaign

The ULA’s Accountability Campaign is extremely important to the perpetuation of our ideals and the mobilization of our movement.  This operation is considered to be the legs of our crusade, because we understand that nothing significant gets done without accountability.  We believe that in order for a community to become prosperous, the residents must be responsible for that change. 

The ULA defines accountability as the ability to swiftly fulfill an obligation in the manner in which you are called to do so.  Our Accountability Campaign is engineered to produce responsible citizens who understand their call to duty, are motivated to serve and who are capable of executing the plan.  The ULA has sounded the alarm for citizens in our community to unite and take ownership of our community by sacrificing themselves for the greater good of the entire group and not just themselves. 

This accountability movement will highlight these subjects:

For more information on this campaign or the ULA, please contact our partners at ulamovement2@gmail.com or at (832) 273-0355.