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Malcolm X―

“The greatest mistake of the movement has been trying to organize a sleeping people around specific goals. You have to wake the people up first, then you’ll get action.” 

Like Malcolm, the ULA understands that nothing will ever change if the people aren’t motivated to do the work. We believe that all people want to be prosperous and the Matrix Project Training Program systems will inspire them to do the necessary work.  Currently, far too many of us are derailed from the path of success by life’s circumstances without any assistance to be restored. This travesty is the result of a repressive system that has conditioned the people to sleep on urgent matters that concern them. For this reason, the ULA has sounded the alarm for a renewed consciousness movement to guide our community to greater unification, restoration and financial prosperity. We believe that this is the most urgently crucial component needed to reverse the social plagues that affect our community. The Matrix Project aims to re-engineer the cultural practices and norms in underserved communities.  

In 2004, the ULA launched the Matrix Project Leadership campaign at a high school in West Palm Beach, Florida to improve school morale, student behavior, campus attendance, academic performance and accountability. The success of the movement turned the campus upside down and astounded the administration. The operation seized the environment and inspired many of the students, giving them a mind to work and a purpose to strive. The program was recognized for its significance by the administration, parents and the community alike, but our greatest appreciation overwhelmingly came from countless students, thanking us for breathing life back into them, when it seemed that no one else could. 

The Matrix Project Training Program is the launching pad that will escalate healthy social relations worldwide. With it, the ULA will lead the greatest social movement of the 22nd Century. We invite you to partner with us today.   

Catch The Vision and Make A Difference, Together We Will Change The World! 

For more information on this campaign or the ULA, please contact our partners at ulamovement2@gmail.com or at (832) 283-3087.