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Treasurer Michael Parson

Michael Parson, the Treasurer of the United Leadership Alliance of Houston, Texas, is the founder and CEO of the automotive customizing company called, Big Boy Toys!  Mr. Parson has proved to be one of the nation’s top automobile design consultants and has the clientele to prove it!  His reputation has been shaped by his quality work, customer service and his unique personal attributes.  Mr. Parson has consistently maintained a positive outlook of the world and has always respectfully embraced the cultural and ethnic differences of people.  Since childhood, he has maintained high standards for himself and those around him. 

 Mr. Parson enjoys seeing other people succeed and achieve their goals.  He selflessly advises others who requests it and often models a great work ethic and perseverance.  He enjoys spending time with family, creating automotive artistry, attending auto showcases, attending athletic events and exercising.